Panic is My Second Shadow | One-Word Prompt

Is this where i’m suppose to go? 

Have I gone to the wrong place?

What If i’m late?

What if I’ve done the wrong thing?

For me, panic is my second shadow. It follows me everywhere I go, I can’t escape it. For every little thing, there’s always something for me to panic about. In the middle of writing an essay i’ll stop in a moment of panic, suddenly thinking it’s all wrong. If I’m a few minutes behind schedule, i’ll panic that I will be late. If i’m in a new surrounding i’ll panic that i’ll never get use to it. Panic is a word I relate to everyday, even when there is nothing to worry about!





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  1. Mine is true panic, with a husband that I have to take to the E.R., or call the paramedics. Still not a good thing.


  2. I resonated with this piece. Especially during the school semester, it seems like I would go through a few mini fits of panic a week. Believing I forgot something, lying awake at night sure I’ve set my alarm too late to give me enough time to get to campus, even though I’ve made the necessary calculations ten times. This semester has been different. I even left the flash drive containing my beloved novel in the library once (I got it back), and I didn’t spontaneously combust (metaphorically speaking.) Maybe it’s because I went skydiving this summer? Nothing else feels like a big deal somehow.

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