Childhood Pretend Games | One-Word Prompt

Did you ever use to play that game as a child where you pretended your floor was lava and had to jump from sofa to sofa to avoid it?

Pretending use to be about creating games and adventures that kept me occupied all throughout my childhood. I used my imagination to create a whole world of my own to explore and be adventurous. I didn’t worry about much else because there simply wasn’t any need to at the time.

Nowadays, the meaning of pretend has changed. We may pretend we are not sad, nervous or scared, even if we are. We might also pretend we are confident and ready to conquer anything, even if are not. Pretending isn’t as fun as it use to be.

I sure miss being a kid.



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  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious September 27, 2016 — 4:21 pm

    I used to play that game!!
    And pretend to fall from a wall, and try to copy a cartoon character. They usually don’t fall immediately isn’t it. When they realise they have no ground below, they fall. I was too young to understand gravity and I always used to think why do I fall so quickly.😂


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