When My Fear Created a Dilemma | One-Word Prompt

If you asked me to pick between writing and speaking, writing would win every time. I loathe the thought of standing up in front of an audience to speak, and the days leading up to it are the worst. I’ve happily avoided speaking in front a large audience where and when I could, until I ran into a dilemma that did not leave me with much choice.

Part of an important group project involved giving a presentation in front of around 60 or so people. As the days grew closer to this I was panicking about what I would do when I actually got up there to speak. There was also a dilemma to deal with: it was between refusing to speak and letting my group partners down (as well as myself), or make my way to the front of the audience and face one of my biggest fears. Long before the presentation was even due I frantically rehearsed everything I needed to say, read my lines over and over again even though they would be right up there on the screen.

Then came the day of the presentation. I reluctantly walked towards the stage with my group. I could have sworn I was shaking throughout the entire presentation and of course it could have gone so much better. I was relieved when it ended, but this very dilemma was one tiny step closer to facing my fear, so I think of it as positive!





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  1. It is true, one step at a time … and after a while you turn back ; you’ll find yourself way better than you were yesterday !
    Will be looking forward for a post about the next part of this one !! About how it was received and how you felt about it later on !!
    Keep going ! and All the best !

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  2. Nicely written. I think that this is a fear that many of us can relate to. I had to overcome this early on in my career. Something that I found helpful was to dispense with the rehearsing. If I knew the point that I wanted to make, and if I had a few key points to keep me on track, then an impromptu speech is easier to deliver and listen to. However, that may not be everyone’s idea of a good time.

    We’ll done though


  3. Glad you made it… a day at a time.. you will overcome eventually 😄. Awesome post

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