Giving Up Too Soon: Unfinished | One-Word Prompt

When I was younger, I was enrolled in horse riding lessons as a weekend hobby. I loved every minute of it and would always look forward to going. Though as time went on, me being easily bored, found that I was slowly losing interest in the lessons. The instructor then put me in a group lesson, that was slightly more advanced so that I could learn more. However, I was struggling to keep up with the other students, and my poor horse seemed hesitant to want to walk anywhere, staying rooted to the spot. The more behind I got in the lessons, the more reluctant I was to want to continue attending.

Then one day in the group lesson, I fell off the horse. I only scraped my finger and I was lucky that I had no serious injuries whatsoever, but boy did I cry! After that day I was adamant that I never wanted to go back to horse riding lessons again.

Now whenever I look back on that decision, I regret it. I wish I did not leave my lessons unfinished without even giving horse riding another chance. I know now that if I continued attending and got more practice I would have started enjoying it again!


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