The Facade Mask | One-Word Prompt

On the outside someone could appear perfectly fine to you. They are always seen smiling, laughing and joking around. They are one of the happiest, most cheerful people you have ever come across. Though what you see on the outside is not always the same as what is on the inside.

While I can describe myself as a content and cheerful person, what many people would not know is I also suffer with an extreme case of anxiety. Though people see the genuine laughter and happiness, they don’t see the block of fear building up inside of you, the constant need to over worry, the racing thudding heart, or the unlimited amounts of stress.

While everyone around me seems to be calm, on the outside I appear to be the same as them, but there is a silent panic rising up inside. It’s triggered through being in new surroundings, public speaking, dealing with last minute changes, or even from nothing at all.

You don’t want people to know how panicked you are because they themselves appear so relaxed and normal, so you put on your facade mask and try not to make it seem so obvious.




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  1. Hmmm, this is so true, we always hide behind mask just so people won’t know what is going on inside

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  2. I can totally relate

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