As Graceful As a Ballerina | One-Word Prompt

As a kid, I was very shy and not at all outgoing. My mother tried her best to make me more confident by enrolling me in different activities and clubs, one of them being dance classes. On my first day I just knew I would hate it and stayed rooted to the spot, refusing to dance throughout the whole session! Needless to say, that was my first and last day attending those classes.

Although I hated taking part in dancing, I’ve always liked the idea of one particular style of dance: Ballet. With myself being quite clumsy,  I’ve always been fascinated at the way ballet dancers are able to move gracefully and elegantly across the stage.

While I’ve never, and will never be the one to confidently stride to the center of a dance floor, I’d love to posses the elegance, poise and gracefulness that a ballerina makes look so effortless.


Image from Pixabay (Edited in Photoshop)



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  1. So nice post! Ballet classes were the only where I wasn’t too shy. I loved it and danced for a pretty long time. I think every girl should at least try dance lessons, to know how it feels ♥

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