The Breakthrough That I Needed | One-Word Prompt

Truthfully, up until the last few years, I believed I wasn’t good at anything.

I wasn’t so much an academic person and I always struggled with the textbook-study-exam process, which for a long time lead me to think it was impossible for me to achieve anything.

The one thing that I have enjoyed doing for as long as I can remember is writing. When I was younger I was always making paper books and spent hours writing my own stories in them. I loved the creativity of this and using the power of written words to express everything I wanted to say. Though for many years this was pushed to the side. It was replaced by frantically trying and failing to learn piles and piles of information for exams, that would unfortunately go in one ear and out the other.

My breakthrough moment came in the last two years of school where bigger assignments that involved writing were coming to the foreground. I found my determination slowly return and wanting to earn grades that I was proud of. My teachers, students and friends began noticing my writing and I became constantly encouraged to continue putting my best efforts into it without giving up.

I went from wondering whether I’ll ever be able to say I was good at anything, to using what I love in order to work hard and achieve the things I never thought were possible.


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  1. Almost everyone’s life’s breakthrough moment is last two years of school.
    And yes, you are a beautiful writer.
    Good luck

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