Conker Tree Season | One-Word Prompt

Whenever thinking about school, one of my best, most fondest memories would be conkers. In the school playground I remember there being this huge horse chestnut tree. Every Autumn, conker season would come around, and it became almost a school tradition to collect at least a few conkers when they fell from the tree!

As soon as the bell would ring to signal break time, crowds of us would race outside to the horse chestnut tree and hurriedly grab as many as we could. We used our school jumpers to hold the conkers when our hands got too full and by the end of break time we’d all line up with a bunch of conkers ready to take back to class.

We never actually used the conkers for anything, but it was the joy, excitement and smiles on our faces that made this such an unforgettable memory!

Image from Pixabay



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