The Instant Regret of Arguing | One-Word Prompt

I hate arguments.

Especially with friends or family. In the moment, arguing may seem like the best thing to do because its out of anger. Though afterwards, there’s always a feeling of regret quickly building up inside that I try to push down.

I also dislike when the people around me are in an argument with each other. I tend to stay away from hearing about their disagreements in the hopes to avoid conflict, or worse, having to take sides and end up hurting the other person who I didn’t choose.

Although I tend not to show it, I instantly regret being in arguments. Frankly, it isn’t fun to be fighting with someone who you care about.




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  1. Nice post – just followed your blog and looking forward to more of your reads.I can only imagine (literally) the regret of arguing. I hate arguing and generally try to avoid it, so I can relate to feeling uncomfortable when people around me argue as well. Thanks for sharing light on the subject.


  2. Bilingualvegetable October 17, 2016 — 4:55 pm

    Hmm extremely true. I really hate the feeling of guilt, when I know I’ve hurt someone intentionally,which I feel at a time that makes my mistake really hard to fix, that is after a few hours of introspection…. 😥

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