The Original Step Sitters | One-Word Prompt

For at least 3 years or so, my friends and I would always sit on the same staircase at break and lunch times. It just became a habit and a daily thing to do so, since the tables and benches were always crowded with people. Pretty soon we sort of unofficially declared it our place to sit.

It was only a short staircase consisting of about 4 steps, but the six of us still managed to cram ourselves on to one side of the staircase to make sure we didn’t get in the way of people walking up and down.

If anyone was looking for us you would most probably find us sitting on the steps chatting away, while also trying to make sure no one trips up on our bags.

I have no idea who sits there now, perhaps another group of friends? Though we of course will always be the original step sitters!

Image from Pixabay

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