Smoke Of The Fireworks | One-Word Prompt

Watching fireworks is always such a memorable experience. I’ll never forget the time when nearly the whole neighborhood walked up the street to check out the local fireworks display. The sky was pitch black signalling that it was late at night, though this did nothing to stop everyone grabbing their coats and rushing out their front door.

No matter what the occasion was, I was always excited to see fireworks so was determined not to miss out on this, despite hardly being able to see where I was walking! Once we got there, it wasn’t long before the fireworks filled the night with colorful light, immediately brightening up the dark sky.

With everyone huddled together we were waiting patiently for the grand finale. Towards the end we were greeted by a huge, crazy display of vibrant fireworks, accompanied by the cheers of the neighborhood. A few minutes later clouds of smoke filled the sky in place of the fireworks, signalling the end of the display. It was time for everyone to head back home, and although I must have been exhausted and freezing, it was worth capturing another memory to look back on.

Image from Pixabay



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