Weekly Photo Challenge: ‘Chaos’ | Photography

So, I’ll admit for the first time since taking part in the Weekly Photo Challenge, I struggled with the latest theme of ‘chaos’. I had nothing in my archive and I knew that for the next few days I wouldn’t have time to venture out with my camera in search of the perfect picture.

However, today I came across a small chaos, by small I mean ant size small. A group of ants seemed to be crowding around something, frantically figuring out how and where to carry it off to.

I wouldn’t say it was one of my best pictures but I didn’t want to miss out this week. Though now we know even insects have chaotic moments too!

Chaos among the ants




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  1. What is that they’re trying to get at? I love ants and your picture is full of detail.

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  2. Striking photo! It fits the theme well.

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