The Lucky Fish | One-Word Prompt

A few years ago my cheeky cat once brought home a fish that he managed to snag from a nearby pond. We assumed he had killed it, but to our surprise the fish was still jumping around on the ground, in desperate need of water. Due to its luck, naturally the fish was named Lucky as it had managed to survive for at least a couple more days.

After saving Lucky, it wasn’t long before my family and I ended up in the pet store looking for two fish of our own to purchase. The first one was a goldfish, which my 8 year old mind ‘cleverly’ decided on the name Goldie. The second was orange with a black tail, with an equally ‘clever’ name of Blackie.

Unfortunately it wasn’t too long before Goldie was the first to be buried in our back garden via a fish funeral. A hole was dug in the flowerbeds and we said our goodbyes. It also wasn’t long after this where we had to say goodbye to our last fish, using the water bowl ornament as a little tombstone.

Needless to say we skipped out on purchasing new fish to replace our beloved short lived friends, and this was an awfully depressing story!

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  1. Such is the fate of so many fish, particularly gold fish. I always wonder what happens to them when they’re flushed down the toilet, a sort of Flushing Nemo story.

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