Treasure Hunt | One-Word Prompt

Were you ever once fascinated about pirates and buried treasure? While its unlikely that we’ll be digging up gold coins or jewelry any time soon, it’s still fun to imagine finding a hidden treasure of your own.

When I was younger, one game I loved to play was treasure hunt. The aim of the game was to write clues on pieces of paper and hide them around the house for the other person to find. Each clue would lead to the next room until the ‘treasure’ was found, also known as a simple chocolate bar.

It wasn’t just the game that I enjoyed playing, it was the creativity behind it. Taking the time to make up clues, deciding which rooms to hide them in and most importantly, figuring out the best place to hide the treasure.

Now that’s one of the many things I miss about childhood: spending hours immersed in your own world of games and adventures to keep you occupied.

Image from Pixabay (Edited in Photoshop)


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  1. I think that you just liked the chocolate.

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