The ‘Fishing’ Spot

It might have been Cornwall where I noticed there was a fishing spot where anyone from adults to families to kids were holding nets and rods. For some reason I really wanted to have at least one experience in fishing for the first time ever. So my family and I picked up the rods, nets and buckets full of water that were being sold and headed over to the fishing spot.

Well it turns out there were no fish in the water, and everyone was actually ‘crabbing’, in other words, fishing for crabs. Nonetheless, I was very excited as I held the net, eagerly waiting to spot a crab, my Dad sat next to me with the fishing rod. It wasn’t much success to begin with as there were more greedy seagulls seeking out food than there were crabs.

At one point we had two crabs holding on to the fishing rod, but they managed to escape before we had the chance to put them in our bucket. Just as we were about to call it a day, a very kind girl, maybe a couple years younger than I was noticed we had an empty bucket. As her family had to get going she placed the crab in our bucket and told us his name was ‘Reef’.

Sure, I didn’t catch a crab myself, but it was a great experience to have at least tried! I did the honors of looking after Reef for a few minutes before setting him free in the water and heading back.

Image from Pixabay



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