I Am In Control

The past few months have been a blur of stress and deadlines, to a point where I lost control of making time to do the things I love the most: photography and writing. Due to there being no time for them, I lost control of all motivation I had to do them in any spare time I had, as my brain was focused on three things only: deadlines, deadlines and you guessed it…deadlines.

Last week I submitted my very last assignment of the year, which signaled the start of a very long summer break. I have two choices now. I could sit, relax and do absolutely nothing for the next 5 months..or I could take back control of what I love doing and use up all my time to pick up where I left off all those months ago.

I choose the latter because I am finally in control again, and not a single deadline can set me back…you know, until October that is.

Image from Pixabay


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